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Schwendi fountain

Make a wish at the Schwendi fountain created by Bartholdi

The fountain decorated with a statue of Lazarus Schwendi, a lord of Hohlandsburg, near Koïfhus (former customs of Colmar), was destroyed at the beginning of the second world war in 1940. It was completely rebuilt a few years later.


Watch the statue carefully: a gentleman is waving a plant of vine. Why? Lazarus Schwendi  had brought a vine plant from his war campaigns in Hungary. The grape variety was called "Tokay", one of Alsace’s most famous wines. The wine can not longer be called ‘Tokay’ now: Hungary asked for paternity and exclusivity in 2007. The wine is called ‘Pinot gris’ now but its taste is exactly the same.


Address: Place de l'Ancienne Douane, Colmar



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