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The Château Pape Clément (Pope Clement’s castle) owes its name to its most famous proprietor: Pope Clement V.

This beautiful chateau near Bordeaux will offer you a great welcome, 5 rooms to stay in and great wine tasting. Bernard Magrez the owner also owns over 24 chateaux around Bordeaux. Marvel at the ancient trees in the park : Lebanese cedars planted by revolutionaries and olive trees which have been standing there for more than 2000 years.

Gustave Eiffel’s wonderful glass roof adds to the charm of the park surroundings.

30 hectares of vineyards around the chateau yield an excellent wine hidden in the castle cellars for 45 days of preparations followed by 20 months of rest. Château Pape Clément ‘s cellars remind you that  wine and the Catholic religion are closely linked together. The very ecclesiastical decoration recalls the story of this chateau. 1,200 barrels of red wine rest at an ideal temperature and benefit from the expertise of 18 different coopers ('tonneliers) who ensure the variety of tastes offered by the winery.

If you dream of a romantic stay in the heart of a vineyard, book a room in this beautiful chateau. The rooms are decorated with taste and authenticity and all of them overlook the park just a few minutes from Bordeaux.

Location : 

216 Avenue Dr Nancel Penard - 33600 Pessac