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Ribeiro Frio - Balcões Viewpoint

The walk will take you to beautiful promontories

Ribeiro Frio (Cold River) is a natural park located in the north of the island, in a deep valley surrounded by mountains. That place is well known by locals and tourists for its trouts and wonderful walks along its nature trails. For those who want to go on a trek without venturing for hours, the surroundings of Ribeiro Frio are a must with its walks along the Levada (Levada is the name of the gutters carved into the rock in order to carry water in the whole island). The walk will take you to beautiful promontories with views on the green and hilly landscape of the island.


Different types of laurels and endemic plants can be seen on the island as well as rare birds like the pigeon-tocaz, the smallest bird in Madeira.


Tips: Park your car in Ribeiro Frio and go for a digestive hour’s walk towards Balcões viewpoint. Doing that is essential for a better understanding of the island even for those who do not like walking. You will see its forests (Laurissilva forest / classified World Heritage by UNESCO), which are the heart of the island.


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