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Etnoland Dalmati

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ETNOLAND Dalmati is a family run historical and cultural site in Dalmatia, just next to the Krka National Park and city of Šibenik


We bring Dalmatian history to life. Go back in time and enjoy our award-winning cultural heritage tour.


Experience authentic, interactive and entertaining storytelling, try the famous Drniš „pršut“ (smoked ham) and enjoy our amazing family style "peka".


As we have a story to tell, we invite you to come to ETNOLAND Dalmati so that we can together create long-lasting and fun-filled memories. 


Our visitors come for our ETNOLAND Experience award-winning cultural heritage tour! We organize this tour all year round, no matter the weather conditions, for both individual guests and groups. 


Apart from having a fantastic time with village family members and enjoying live storytelling, our tours also include delicious welcome drinks and tastings of the famous Drniš "pršut“ (smoked ham) and superb local wine. As in most situations, we invite you to finish your visit with a traditional family style „peka“ meal!


ETNOLAND Dalmati is authentic! 


We offer a powerful cultural storytelling tour that leaves a strong and positive impression on visitors. Relax and enjoy also delicious, traditional, locally sourced food and meals served in a simple rural restaurant.         


ETNOLAND Dalmati is interactive!

Immerse yourself in the traditional Dalmatian way of life. Participate in storytelling tours, learn about Dalmatian culture and try Drniš „pršut“  (smoked ham). Enjoy the rich heritage, understand learn how your tasty „peka“ meal is prepared and so much more.        


ETNOLAND Dalmati si entertaining!

With warm and humorous hosts, the ETNOLAND Experience promises to be entertaining. This is a journey you will like to gladly remember. 

Come as a visitor, leave and come back as a friend!


Make sure not to leave ETNOLAND Dalmati without trying and exploring our local cuisine, as it is a big part of traveling and experiencing a new culture. 

Celebration of life and togetherness during a family meal was and still is an important part of everyday life in Dalmatia. As we strive to preserve cultural heritage and local tradition we serve food the same way we would do in our homes – family style. 


In ETNOLAND Dalmati we serve traditional, simple, tasty, delicious meals made from locally sourced ingredients.


For all information please visit or call us +385 99 2200 200


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Etnoland Dalmati

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