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The Northern Velebit National Park

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While for mountains we say that we want to conquer them, the Velebit is a mountain that conquers its visitors. We hope you will let yourself be captured by the beauty of our National Park - Northern Velebit.


All your efforts invested in coming to Northern Velebit will be rewarded manifold with stunning natural beauties and spectacular views of the sea and islands that are afforded from mountain peaks. Northern Velebit is an ideal destination for all those who prefer active holidays and recreation in intact natural surroundings where you can experience the charm of pristine wilderness. Cycling, hiking, taking photos – we leave the choice of activity to you.

Among the best known localities in the Park are Zavižan, the Velebit Botanical Garden, the Premužić Trail, Štirovača, Alan, Lubenovac. Zavižan and Alan are areas of alternating open stretches of grassland, lush green forests, and vast limestone formations, surrounded by peaks offering splendid views of the sea and the Lika region. 


The Velebit Botanical Garden allows you to enjoy the abundance of the Velebit plant life and the diversity of plant communities. Štirovača is an area of exceptionally rich spruce and fir forests in addition to being the only wet habitat in the Park.


Lubenovac, a large grassy valley, is especially attractive for its numerous remains of old shepherd huts and dry-stone walls – evidence of the past life on the mountain and valuable cultural heritage of the region. The Premužić Trail a mountain track leading to the very summits of Velebit, inspires awe both for its masterful construction and the diversity of surface karst forms.


There is also a host of other attractive locations – we let you discover them on your own! We have developed a number of educational programmes for children and adults and installed information boards along several mountain trails and paths to make your visit to the Park more interesting and to help you learn more about the natural and cultural heritage of the area.


Northern Velebit being a mountain park, the visiting season depends on the snow cover on the mountain peaks. The Park is normally open to visitors from the beginning of May till the end of November. When planning your visit to Northern Velebit, be sure to inform yourself about road and mountain path conditions and to read our tips and recommendations for your own safety.


This is an exceptionally valuable and delicate natural environment, so please take nothing from nature other than what your camera or your memory can capture.

The Northern Velebit National Park

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Northern Velebit National Park is an ideal destination for all those looking for active holidays and outdoor activities – mountaineering, hiking, trekking... There are some thirty mountain tracks crisscrossing the Park, which provide numerous possibilities for exploring the area. Hikers will be able to discover some of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of this region. 


If you wish to spend a day at the Northern Velebit National Park, we recommend you a number of mountaineering routes, depending on the time you have at your disposal and your physical fitness. Options are, of course, much wider and we leave it to you to discover them yourself. Along several mountain trails and paths interpretative panels have been put up, which, we hope, will help you learn more about the area and make your visit to the Park even more interesting.


Northern Velebit National Park Moutanineering
Northern Velebit National Park


This being a mountain park, nearly all of the proposed tours include a visit to at least one of the mountain peaks, either located in the National Park or the neighbouring Velebit Nature Park. All peaks provide spectacular vantage points, with those located in the western regions of the Park offering stunning views of both the Kvarner Riviera with the islands and some of the inland regions, and those lying further east providing better views of the inland regions with Lika. On sunny days, the peaks offer views of distant mountains: Učka, Klek in Gorski Kotar, and even the highest Velebit peak - Vaganski Vrh (1757 m ) which is located in the Paklenica National Park.



Northern Velebit National Park hiking
©Northern Velebit National Park


There are no dedicated cycling tracks within the National Park, however, there is a network of public and forest roads that are well suited for cycling excursions. Visitors entering the park on a bycicle are eligible for a discount entrance ticket.


   If you decide to spend a day cycling in the National Park and the surroundings, we recommend the following routes:

  •    Krasno – Babić Sića – Zavižan – Veliki Lom – Krasno (43 km)
  •    Krasno – Babić Sića – Veliki Lom – Careva kuća – Veliki Lubenovac – Tudorevo – Alan – Mrkvište - Krasno (75 km)
  •    Štirovača – Mrkvište – Alan – Tudorevo – Veliki Lubenovac – Štirovača (33 km)


Northern Velebit National Park - Cycling
©Northern Velebit National Park


of The Northern Velebit National Park


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