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Along the road from Guspini leads to the village of Gennas (known as Montevecchio), which slopes down to the sea crossing the territory of Arbus, you can see the structures that have profoundly marked the history of neighboring municipalities, witness to the important activities mining took place from 1848 until 1991.


Montevecchio, with its mining sites, is a highlight of the Historical and Environmental Geo-mining Park of Sardinia which brings together the island's rich mining tradition, now also accessible from the tourist point of view, and is characterized by its environmental, geological and biological . 


The mining has shaped the landscape and culture of the mining populations creating an environment where the charm of history , takes the visitor amidst the beautiful examples of industrial archeology, underground worlds and in contact with the beautiful Sardinian nature


Suggestive villages for the workers, extraction wells, thousands of kilometers of tunnels, industrial plants. Not only the works of man, but places where the grandeur of capturing the visitor nature: the splendid cliffs, limestone cliffs overlooking the sea, the endless stretches of sand gold, the "magic" karst caves, wild forests populated by a wide variety of animal species incomparable setting of the blue sea of Sardinia.


The visitable sites of industrial archeology, scientific and technological interest, mining galleries and research centers, documentation and cultural activities, modern museums and historical mining institutions are the corollary to the tourist and hiking trails that wind through the Mediterranean vegetation and along beautiful coastline offering an opportunity to practice various sports disciplines.


Montevecchio is the best place from which to explore the wider area, in which the territorial identity, marginal compared to the large number of tourists to enjoy moments of genuine experience of the tradition of the nature and culture of Sardinia.



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