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Sistema fluviale Nera Velino

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The EDEN destination, Aquatic Tourism, runners up edition 2010, called the Nera and Velino System, is a part of the Valnerina Valley of Umbria starting from the regional nature reserve "Nera River Park", to the Valley of Rieti Valley.


The Falls of Marmore, made by the roman consul Manlio Curio Dentato, 271 b.Ch. digging the canal, form which the falls originated, changed the entire ecosystem of the Valley of Rieti. The Lake of Piediluco, the largest one, is very similar to an alpine lake, the other lakes are Ventina, Lungo and Ripasottile. The whole territory of the destination, it is a unique heritage, characterized not only by high environmental quality and landscape but also by cultural resources, archaeological sites of great value, with interesting villages and art in all its forms, perfect place for water and winter sports, from hiking to biking to skiing The last stretch of the Route named La Via di Francesco, passes by the Falls and enters the Lazio at the Lake of Piediluco.


This stretch of the La via di Francesco is the only water stretch of the Route, here "Sister Water" is manifested in all its glory.


Sistema fluviale Nera Velino

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of Marmore Falls


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