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Paul da Serra

by Ricardo Liberato

Getting to know Madeira is knowing more about its typography .The reason why the majority of Madeirans live in the South of the island is because it is much sunnier, while the North with its abundance of fruit and vegetables is wetter due to the fact that the clouds are blocked by mountains. Learning about the geography of the island will help you understand the ingenuity of its people who carved miles of "Levada" into the rock to carry water, essential for agriculture and for life, from one side to the other side of the island to take advantage of all the wonders of that wonderful island.


Paul da Serra is an in-between. A plateau between the south and the north of the island, a unique place, out of time, out of space, another face of that incredible island.




If you chose to travel by rental car, do not let yourself be carried away by the first kilometers of straight roads. They are sinuous in Madeira and most of the time you will have to drive slowly.


If Paul da Serra will make you dream with its beautiful straight lines, forget all your hopes about speed and watch the signs "Cows". Cows wander freely in that part of the island (which is flat and therefore favourable to agriculture). Natural speed bumps will remind you that in Madeira it is better to take time to admire the landscape than hurry. 

by Bart Bernardes

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